Launched in 2013 by Founder Vanesia R. Johnson, small business owner and community advocate, Citizens Advocating for Social Equity (C.A.S.E.) in partnership with the Center for the Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities (CEDD) worked collaboratively to confront social systems of government about their negative outcome of data that is affecting vulnerable people. In 2014 community advocate, Leesa Oliver, and women business owners, Keciana Enaohwo, Lynette Reddix, and in 2015 Cynthia Allen joined the leadership team of C.A.S.E. to address the poor performance of the social systems of government, as social injustice issues against vulnerable people is in the fore' front.

In a July 2015 e-newsletter when NAACP National Board of Directors Chairman, Rosyln Brock, poetically described the 3 radical words, “We The People,” she without knowing embodied the spirit, heart and soul of C.A.S.E. in her fortifying words. She stated, “We—the descendants of indigenous nations; descendants of the enslaved; descendants of immigrants; those born with privilege and those born into poverty—are the people. And as the people, we will not rest until all of us secure the justice and liberty that the Constitution promised us.” Read more ...

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