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My name is Cynthia Allen and welcome to my blog. If you viewed my website it pretty much tells you about myself and my company C. Allen Productions Unlimited Inc. Just encase you haven’t visited my website here is a summary …

Our goal is to serve as a channel to promote and attract new and upcoming artists to the music industry by providing them the opportunity to digitally distribute their music and showcase their talent. This will also provide a forum for those seeking new artists (agents & producers) an opportunity to see fresh new talent first hand. 

I hope  to keep you updated on my recent encounters with the business and entertainment worlds … those updates can be seen in the Cynthia’s Views page. If you would like to know more about (C.A.P.U.) C. Allen Productions Unlimited, subscribe and receive new updates.

  • Carolyn Baker   /   November 15, 2016., 9:59 pmReply

    Jamsource/Runway Magazine want to talk about the industry and where it's going?