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I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving in 2017, I have a lot to thank God for … He has been a steady source of strength in my life. I would like to address one issue and that is “Black Friday”. Why is it after being so thankful the day before we are selfish¬† and ungrateful the day after. I understand that during Black Friday we are able to get great deals but do we have to harm another person for a cheap item. I watched in awe when a grown woman snatched a toy from a child who couldn’t be no more than 8 or 9 years old which resulted in a confrontation between the child’s mother and the other woman.¬† Maybe the term Black Friday is correct according to the videos I seen … people fighting over material things, doing bodily harm to one another, when there suppose to be so much love in a season of thanksgiving it’s blackened by hate … not intentional … it’s human nature. We suppose to be the smart ones who demonstrate order before our children … are we saying the air we breathe , the food we eat, the water we drink, is not good enough. We need things to make us complete … our sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, grand children will not understand the concept of giving so we take at all cost just to make them happy. It didn’t happen everywhere but where it did happen, it was INSANE.

Maybe we can change the way people act on the day after Thanksgiving just by changing the title to “Blessed Friday” people behavior might just change, even advertisers could be up to the challenge and change the culture of how even in marketing sales they can be a blessing to potential buyers.

Just A Thought!