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On Saturday, April 15, 2017 I had the pleasure of attending the 11th Annual H-Town Blues Festival at the NRG Arena, the performers included (2) new artists by the names of Tyree Neal and Bishop Bullwinkle also on the show was TK Soul; Sir Charles Jones; Pokey; Tucka and Willie Clayton.   This event has increasing grown each year and has proven to be a Houston favorite by the overwhelming attendance of thousands of fans.  The arena was packed as each artist blasted onto the stage and gave outstanding performances.  TK Soul and Pokey each did a super fabulous performance they kept the fans engaged by their interactions with them and their high energy shows always leaves the audience wanting more.

Sir Charles Jones and Tucka also did great performances they each wooed  fans with their outstanding stage presence and beautiful selections of songs, and Willie Clayton closed the night out as he rocked the stage with his powerful voice and spectacular performance.  He highlighted the evening by paying tributes to a few great artists that has passed on such as Tyrone Davis, Mel Waiters and Marvin Sease the audience loved it.  I enjoyed the Blues Festival tremendously and I look forward to going again on next year!!