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C. Allen Productions Unlimited, Inc. is giving new artists an opportunity to promote their gifts by featuring them on Revealing Talents where we bring to light new young artist and experienced artists in your area.  How to apply? If you are a young artist between the ages of 13 – 21 you qualify to appear in our “Jewels & Gems” section. Jewels for the young ladies and Gems for the young men. If you are 22+ you can apply in the “Diamond Quality” section. Winners will also receive their own website hosted by C.A.P.U.


All entries  between the ages of  13 – 18 must have a parent or guardian submit their entry.
All entries must submit their entry no later than  June 19th, 2017 which is the deadline.
You cannot be a  C. Allen Productions, Unlimited, Inc. relative or staff member.
Must be independent and unsigned to a major record label.

One entry per person is allowed
You must be a U.S. citizen


  1.  Complete the form below and tell us about your gifts in the space provided. ( Please give us at least a paragraph about you and your talents )
  2. Check your information and make sure it is accurate to allow us to contact you by way of email or contact number.


If you have any questions contact us at .